Blissfully Kneaded Massage Therapy, LLC
Helping hands for happy, healthy, painfree people

About the Practitioner

Jennifer Wyant

Owner of Blissfully Kneaded Massage Therapy LLC

Certified MMP (Medical Massage Practitioner)

LMT#18843 (Licensed Massage Therapist)

After growing up with 3 brothers who are incredibly tactile, hands on, and "mechanical inclined". They are very good at "fixing " things. I felt a little lost, I was the one who loved animals and helping people feel better.

In High school, I was a "band geek" in a marching show band. We did a lot of traveling for competitions and I always had a line for French braids before the competitions and a line for neck and shoulder massages after the competitions.

After High School, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life I put College on hold and eventually took up cocktail waitressing, where I would give my customers neck and shoulder massages for extra tips on slow nights. It wasn't until one of my regulars ask "Why don't you do this for real?"  Hmmm good question.....

After graduating from Oregon School of Massage in 2011 I found that my family's traits were hidden in me. I enjoy "fixing" things too! I just had to find the right canvas. I love seeing people getting better, feeling it in their tissues, seeing their Range of Motion improve, seeing the smile reappear on their faces.

I use all the tools in my tool belt to help my clients feel better and get back to their daily routines with less pain.

I also enjoy improving my abilities and adding to my tool belt with continuing education that will help my clients when I feel there is something better I can do to help them.


When I am not helping people live a happier, healthier, pain-free life, I am riding my horses, playing with my dogs, traveling or just hanging with my wonderful husband and spirited teenage son