Blissfully Kneaded
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Mobile Massage


Enjoy the ultimate in convenience and comfort with an in-home massage treatment. Everything will be provided for a relaxing, therapuetic massage experience. A comfortable, sturdy, professional massage table with face cradle, fresh linens, soothing music, and nourishing organic oils. All right to your location!

Hot stones also available for the ultimate relaxing in-home spa experience. $5.00 add-on.


To prepare for your in-home session, Please make sure the heat is turned to a comfortable temperature in the room where the massage will take place. (Depending on the season, around 70-75 degrees is customary.)

Cell phones should be turn off or silenced. Please be at home or location at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.


Upon arrival to your home, we will go over your health history form and discuss your state of health and areas of concern. Together, we will design an individual treatment plan specifically for your needs to ensure you receive and enjoy the maximum benefits from your session. You may leave any clothes you're most comfortable with on. You WILL be properly covered throughout your treatment to insure your privacy and comfort.

I do require a space about 10ft by 8ft to give the best massage possible.